Symmetry Reading in the Work of Samir Triki


  • Title: Symmetry. (Reading in the work of Samir Triki).
  • Theme: Plastic art.
  • Collective book.
  • Language: Arabic.
  • Date of publication: 2016
  • Size: 16 x 24
  • ISBN: 978-9973-49-165-7
  • Pages number: 115
  • Price: 12.500 dt

Symmetry Reading in the Work of Samir Triki

The book compiles the communications presented by Tunisian scholars and critics on the experience of the plastic artist researcher Samir Triki, well-known for his researches on aesthetics.
The one-day meeting was organised by the arts department in the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Arts Beit al-Hikma on May 15tth, 2015. The participants highlighted the modernist aspects in the artist’s career with regard to his creative capacities which allowed him to combine artistic imagination with scientific spirit. Talking about himself and his desiderata, Triki asserts that «If he wasn’t a plastic artist, he would be an architect». This does not prevent him from resorting to algebraic equations in his artistic work.
Researchers and critics agree on thinking that the artist Samir Triki excelled at the achievement of a plastic art corpus mirroring undeniable abilities of innovation. His work could be a reference in the aesthetic field seeing that his themes are diverse and his style is authentic.

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