The Temptation of Jihad Violence and Neglected Youth


Title: The Temptation of Jihad

Violence and Neglected Youth
Papers edited by Dr Nedra Ben Ismail (Joint publication with Ceres Productions)
Subject: Social Science

Language: French

Number of pages: 117

Format: 16×24

Date of Publication: 2018

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ISBN: 978-9973-19-803-7

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The Temptation of Jihad Violence and Neglected Youth

Psychological predicaments may lead to unexpected behavior and unimaginable violent actions which make it incumbent upon us to ask the following questions:

Why does a young man decide at a given moment to give up everything for the sake of the temptation of Jihad? How do terrorist organizations attract him? How do death-peddling groups manage to confiscate his right to live through the slogans of shahada, the way of God and Jihad? Is there a justification for the psychology of revenge?

The book answers these questions with scientific approaches that diagnose the nature of psychological dilemmas. These consist in frustrated individualities and vacuous minds resulting from lack of education by the family, and a social environment which has marginalized cultural action and failed to provide the bare necessities of decent living to its youth. This situation will naturally facilitate the work of terrorist organizations and help them fulfil their destructive mission, through exploiting social categories that have been let down at political, economic and cultural level. For this reason, the book calls for effectively addressing the phenomenon to save the youth and preserve the world from the crimes of religious fanaticism and transborder terrorism.

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