Collection of poems by Mohamed Boucharbia


Book Title : A Collection of Poems by Mohamed Boucharbia (2nd edition)
Prepared, Reviewed and Enlarged
by: Mohamed Yaalaoui with the collaboration of Bashir Baccouche.
Topic : Literature
Size : 16 x 24 cm (hardcover)
Language : arabic
Number of pages : 680
Date of Publication : 2011
Price in Tunisia : 30,000 TND
Price outside Tunisia : 25,00 €

Collection of poems by Mohamed Boucharbia

The first edition of this book, inaccurate and incomplete, has been completely
redesigned, revised and enlarged. In this second edition, the originality of the
Kairawani poet Mohamed Boucharbia (1903-1952), his deep sensitivity and his
indomitable spirit are highlighted. Perpetually discontented, he would complain
bitterly about his poor social condition and his multiple disappointments. Going
through his poems, we can easily notice his sharp criticism of the local authorities,
which he blamed for the agonies of his hometown, not sparing his entourage
and even his parents.
After a laborious and studious youth in difficult circumstances, he experienced
colonialism in all its harshness at the Mosque. The student revolts were in
full swing, during which Boucharbia was one of the most eloquent and bitter
speakers. We can clearly sense this bitterness in his poems. According to Sheikh
Fadhel Ben Achour, Boucharbia was very close to those students who were the
most adamantly opposed to the establishment. As a professor at the Zaytuna
Mosque, he was still an outspoken critic of the system, still uncompromising.
ISBN: 978-9973-49-117-6


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