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2023 Publications

2022 Publications

Title: A new reading of the public debt crisis of the 1860s in Tunisia
Author: Mustapha Kamel Nabeli
Language: French
Publication date: 2022
Dimensions: 16 ×24 cm
ISBN: 978- 9973- 49- 241- 8
Publication date: 2022
Price: 15TND
Price of sale abroad: 15€

The book is a part of the “Bait al- Hikma” series of publications by the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts for the year 2022. In it, the economic expert Mustapha Kamel Nabeli discusses the nature of public debt during the 1860s, addressing the main causes that led to the emergence of that crisis, as well as exploring the nature of its repercussions.
The author employs various contemporary concepts and analytical tools in his approach to understanding the crisis that prevailed in the past century. This confirms the renewal in reading a crisis that intertwines political and economic aspects, and was influenced by national and international considerations. Therefore, the author pays attention in his book to an approach based on comparative analysis with regional and global crises.

The book title: “Communication to the Elite about Legal Concessions for Slaves and Boys”
Topic: intellectual
Author: Ahmed Barnaz
Reviewer : Hayet alMajri
Number of pages:638
Date of issue: 2022
Price: 54 TND
Price of sale abroad: 54 €
ISBN: 5-242-49-9973-978

The book falls within the references interested in educational issues and the rules of upbringing within the family environment, as well as in the general social fabric. It focuses on the legal limits of discipline and forms of punishment such as retaliatory means.
The book presents a critical approach in which Ahmed Barnaz (1664-1726 CE) highlights the legal risks of traditional prevailing theories in Tunisian society during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, which unfairly target social groups such as women, who are often reduced to sensory functions by the dominant view.
In short, the book “Communication to the Elite about Legal Concessions for Slaves and Boys” is an exemplary work that highlights the progressive dimension of Ahmed Barnaz, who rejected the hierarchical division of society and courageously criticized all forms of discrimination contrary to legal logic.

The book title: “Al – Takmil Al – Shafi Li ‘l – Galili Ala Kitab Al-ibar “by abd Al Rahman khaldoun “
A comprehensive review of” the book of lessons” by abd Al Rahman khaldoun
Topic: scientific
Author: Mohamed Al – Saghiar Ibn Youssef
Editor: Mohammed Fawzi Al – Mustaghanmy
Reviewer: Mounira Shabuto Al – RAMADI
Language: Arabic
Dimensions: 6 ×24
Number of pages:
Part 1: 378
Part 2: 411
Publication date: 2022
Price: 70 TND
Price of sale abroad: 70 €
Part 1: 978 – 9973 – 49- 230 – 2
Part 2: 978 – 9973 – 49 -231 – 9

The book focuses on the relationship between Ibn Khaldoun’s approach in historical studies and works in the Hafsid period, as well as the issue with regard to the 17th and 18th century chronicles.
The book is a part of the complementary series of previous publications prevalent in Arabic and Western journalistic traditions, and documents the author’s use of the most prominent Eastern and Western sources circulating in Tunisian libraries.

Book Title: Tunisians Who are they? Where do they come from? The Genetic Discoveries
Topic: Scientific
Editing: Co-edited under the supervision of Professor Amal Ben Ammar Gaied
Language: French
Dimension: 16 × 24
Page Number: 255
Date of Publication: 2022
Selling Price: 28dt
ISBN: 978-9973-19-834-1

Who are the Tunisians? Where did they come from? Can their ethnic origins be traced? Are they Berber? How are they related to settlement movements? In what sense is the scientific diagnosis of ethnic identity correct?
Published by The Tunisian Academy for the Sciences, Letters and Arts “Beit Al Hikma” in collaboration with Ceres Publications, this scientific book deals with all these issues, including a collection of various specialized scientific studies which are essentially collected from settlement history in Tunisia.
Most studies in the book confirm the genetic diversity of Tunisian society due to the numerous settlement movements coming from various geographical locations throughout the stages of history. Hence, the diversity of the genetic and hereditary structure according to the book’s contents.

Book Title: The Dreams in the Mediterranean
Topic: Scientific
Author: Multiple
Language: French
Dimension: 16×24
Number of pages: 149
Publication Date: 2022
Selling Price: 27 Dinars
Price Abroad: 27 Euros
ISBN: 978-9973-49-236-4

This Book is part of a scientific collection series that was published by The Tunisian Academy for the Sciences, Letters and Arts “Beit Al Hikma” in 2022 and co-edited by clinical psychotherapy Professor from the University of Tunis Riadh Ben Rejab and psychotherapy Professor Bianca Le Chevalier. Professor Le Chevalier is from France and is specialized in neuro-psychotherapy.
The book contains scientific contributions on dreams in general with a special focus on the Mediterranean region. These contributions were delivered by an international research team during a conference that took place in March 2022 in the Tunisian city of Kelibia. Dreaming is a global phenomenon that presents common factors and that is amenable to scientific scrutiny. Yet, the academic researchers specialized in the field of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis highlight the specificity of certain manifestations of dreaming. They emphasize the therapeutic functions of dreams as subliminal and cathartic acts that regenerate the psychological makeup. Some contributions also deal with the importance of dreaming in shaping the being through creativity and innovation.

Book Title: The Vagrant Pen: From Shore to Shore, From One Culture to Another.
Topic: Literary texts and miscellaneous articles
Author: Alia Baccar Bornaz
Language: French
Dimension: 16×24
Number of pages: 343
Publication Date: 2022
Selling Price: 36 Dinars
Price Abroad: 36 Euros
ISBN: 978-9973-49-228-9

This book contains literary texts and miscellaneous articles through which the author locates the Tunisian cultural project both regionally and globally by highlighting the role of cultural icons in the creative, historical and artistic fields. Major themes include the Tunisian Women’s Rights Movement, democracy and the current challenges facing Tunisia. The author includes several eulogies of some important late figures from diverse cultural fields.
The book also contains several articles and interviews that convey the author’s view on some issues pertaining to public affairs, her academic journey, her career, her family history as well as some outstanding creative icons like her sister Kalthoum Bornaz, a screenwriter and film director, whom she considers a star in search of a lost light beam.

Book Title: “Beit Al Hikma” Conferences 2021-2022
Topic: Scientific and literary conferences
Language: (Arabic-French)
Dimension: 16×24
Number of pages: 517
Publication Date: 2022
Selling Price: 39 Dinars
Price Abroad: 39 Euros

This book is part of a collection series that is regularly published by The Tunisian Academy for the Sciences, Letters and Arts “Beit Al Hikma”.
These works contain the activities of the symposia, the study days, the meetings and the conferences organized by the scientific departments in the academy throughout the academic years.

Book Title: The Pertinent Thought of Saint Augustine Challenging the 21st Century
Topic: Philosophical
Author: Multiple
Language: (French-English)
Dimension: 16×24
Number of pages: 200
Publication Date: 2022
Selling Price: 30 Dinars
Price Abroad: 30 Euros

The book contains the first session of the Saint Augustine Carthage Festival which was organized by The Tunisian Academy for the Sciences, Letters and Arts “Beit Al Hikma” in November 2019. This event is inscribed in the academic research on the common heritage of Augustinian philosophy as an intellectual project requiring modern approaches centering on current issues and future prospects. Hence, the forum’s interventions revolved around the conundrums of identity, personality, theology and issues pertaining to the spiritual experience. Special focus was put on Saint Augustine’s philosophy and the challenges of the 21st century. From these interventions, we get a sense of the universality of this philosophical school which, espousing philosophical logic, upheld its engagement in public affairs notwithstanding the political and religious particularities of its times.

Book Title: Life and Thermodynamics: or
Reality and the Proteiform Masks of Energy
Topic: Scientific
Author: Rafik Boukhris
Language: (French)
Dimension: 16×24
Number of pages: 358
Publication Date: 2022
Selling Price: 52 Dinars
Price Abroad: 52 Euros

The book figures in the scientific publications of The Tunisian Academy for the Sciences, Letters and Arts “Beit Al Hikma” and deals with the intellectual and the scientific changes that were brought by the science of thermodynamics especially those related to physical, biological and universal phenomena in general. According to the author, thermodynamic laws are crucial to the understanding of the universal order because they imposed the re-examination of various postulates, rectified many conventional ideas and settled many problems related to physical and biological complexity. This provided the scientific conditions for the understanding of infinity, energy and universal order. From this vantage point, Doctor Rafik Boukhris affirms the never-ending dialectic between philosophy and the sciences. The philosophical vein arms scientists with relativity and allows them to engage all topics in the quest for truth. Hence, the author highlighted the importance of relativity, quantification and permanent calibration. Thanks to the scientific discoveries, a major philosophical question remerges in agreement with Leonardo da Vinci’s quote: “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” Doctor Boukhris used this quote as an opening hook to distinguish the ever-questioning problem-posing mind from the dogmatics who turn the back on existential and cosmological interrogations and condemn the lovers of troubling questions.

2021 Publications

Book Title: Francophone Literature in Tunisia
Evolution, Renewal and the Future
Subject: Literature
Author: Collective work under the supervision of Professor Alia Bakar Bornaz
Language: French
Size: 24×16
Number of pages: 277
Date of issue: 2021
Sale price in Tunisia: 25 TND
Sale price abroad: 25 EUR
ISBN: 978-9973-49-229-6

Proceedings of the international symposium organized by the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Literature and Arts’ “Beit al-Hikma” Literature Department on 10-11 December 2020 on the processes of francophone literature in Tunisia. The contributions focus on the emergence and future of creative works in French, which, the authors argue, have historically been linked to the spread of the French language in the world. It also focuses on the characteristics of francophone literature in Tunisia compared to global francophone literature, such as the Moroccan francophone literature, which share a number of commonalities. The literary experience is not detached from what is prevailing. It is rather organically linked to its subject frameworks, which explains what peoples share. The contributors argue that Tunisian francophone literature belongs to the country’s literary heritage.

Title of the book: Al-Mu’lim bi Fawaid Muslim (3 Vols.)
Subject: Islamic Studies
Author: Al-Imam Al-Mazri
Reviewer: Mohammad Al-Chedly Al-Naifar
Language: Arabic .
Size: 24×16
Number of pages:
Vol2: 498
Vol3: 458
Date of publication: 2021
Sale price in Tunisia: 110 DT
Price abroad: 110€

ISBN: Vol.1. 978-9973-49-222-7
Vol.2. 978-9973-49-223-4
Vol.3. 978-9973-49-224-1

Al-Imam Al-Mazri lived at a period of political disintegration in the parts of the Sinhaji state and a division of faith between Sunnis and Shiites. Like other Moroccan scholars, he was concerned with the “Al-Jami’ Assahih’ by Imam Muslim Ibnu Al-Hajjaj, using it for teaching and excluded Al-Bukhari, finding Assahih more adapted to what he sought as ideas and opinions and to his own method.
Al-Jami’ is considered one of of Muslim’s forst interpretative works, as no one had preceded him. Al-Imam Al-Mazri mentions that he did not intend to write the book but it was read to him in the month of Ramadhan 499 H, so he provided comments. When they finished the reading, his friends presented to him those comments, which he reviewed, refined and corrected, removing certain parts.
In this work, Al-Mazri seems to be Ash’ari, a faqih and a linguist
1) He adopted Al-Ash’ari’s and his circle’s views. In his defense of the Sunna, he brings together texts and exposes them in a way that suits the intellect. He never attacked the Mu’tazila, his opponents and he never used his texts to insult or avenge himself on them.
2) Al-Mazri is a Faqih who, like Imam Malik, has opted for Ijtihad. His Fatwas reflect the interpretations and his knowledge of the application of rules (Ahkam) in accordance with the critical circumstances experienced by Muslims.
3) He is a linguist familiar with the language books written at his time and before. He is knowledgeable of the secrets of language and its tricks, which explains his careful attention to the strangeness of discourse and reflects his desire to investigate the vague Prophet’s words, often resisting understanding for they are rarely used.

Subject: Arts
Language: (Arabic – French)
Author: Collective author
Number of pages: 200
Size: 16×24
Date of publication: 2021
Sale price in Tunisia : 20 TND
Sale price abroad: 20 Euros
ISBN: 978-9973-49-225-8

Proceedings of the symposium organized by the Arts Department of the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts “Beit al-hikma” 13-14 March 2010. In these contributions, Academics and researchers from various creative fields discussed terminological issues related to dependence, and translation as a mechanism that goes beyond the interaction between languages towards intercultural communication, theoretical discourse, betrayal of concepts, the problem of “meta-language” and “meta-knowledge”, and the foundations of aesthetic theories in artistic genres in general and in Tunisian semantic fields in particular. Therefore, the content of the book emphasizes the need for awareness of the importance of the concepts of contextual meaning, language dynamics and the creativity of the semantic field. What is required is creating concepts, not importing them, and practicing the rituals of mummifying and guarding them.

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