Incompressible Reflexion on Teaching in Architecture


  • Title: Incompressible Reflexion on Teaching in Architecture.
  • Author: Dorra Ismail Dellagi.
  • Language: French.
  • Date of publication: 2016
  • Size: 24 x 29
  • ISBN: 978-9973-49-166-0
  • Pages number: 339
  • Theme: Urban architecture.
  • Price: 43 dt

Incompressible Reflexion on Teaching in Architecture

This book is interested in the various pedagogic practices and teaching methods in the urban architecture field. Aware of the importance of architecture in its urban, territorial, philosophical and anthropological dimensions the writer, Dorra Ismail Dellagi, made an in-depth analysis of the learning tools as well as the methodological approaches dictated by the teaching systems in a strictly architectural context which links the artistic imagination to the scientific training. She is also interested in the epistemological bases in relation to the field of architecture and its teaching in order to demonstrate through architectural models, drawings and designs the connection established between the innovative aesthetic aspects and scientific knowledge.
Dorra Dellagi’s book can be seen as a reference and a new perspective to better know the discipline and to clarify the complementary relationship between architectural art and scientific accuracy.

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