Contemporary French Fiction: New Forms, New Relations with History


  • Title: Contemporary French Fiction: New Forms, New Relations with History.
  • Collective book coordinated by Emna Belhaj Yahya.
  • Language: French.
  • Date of publication: 2016
  • Size: 24 x 16
  • ISBN: 978-9973-49-168-8
  • Pages number: 260
  • Theme: Literature.
  • Price: 15 dt

Contemporary French Fiction: New Forms, New Relations with History

This book gathers academic, specialised, critical studies and approaches on the contemporary francophone fiction and forms of expression. In this context, the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Arts Beit al-Hikma organised on February 11th, 12th and 13th an international symposium coordinated by Emna Belhaj Yahia and in which Tunisian as well as foreign writers, researchers and critics participated.
Most researchers insisted on the idea that romanesque work is a «re-reading of an ever-changing world». They asserted that the new schools of thought such as structuralism and analytism suggested a re-reading of artistic and romaneque texts using new critical and analytical tools as well as literary and philosophical references such as «The Pleasure of the Text» of Roland Barthes and «The Archeology of Knowledge»of Michel Foucault. The literary text is for some participants a kind of «writing of history» given that any romanesque experience is the reflection of society and lived events just like the works inspired by the 1968 movement in France. The literary production remains necessarily universal as long as it serves to express human thoughts and to mirror the human being concerns everywhere.
Any reading that takes into consideration the different themes discussed by the writer is «a re-writing of what we have read».

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