A table of Ifriqiya


Title: A table of Ifriqiya (A study of different kinds of meals).

Author: Sihem Dabbabi Missaoui

Theme: Heritage.

Language: Arabic.

Size: 24x 16

Pages number: 331

Date of publication: 2017

Price: 16 dt

ISBN: 978-9973-49-174-9

A table of Ifriqiya

The publication of this book is part of the studies’ and researches’ series published by the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Arts Beit al-Hikma, on various scientific, literay and artistic themes.

The author is particularly interested in the different delicacies served during meals while trying to know the etymology or even the exact meaning of the vocabulary used in this field. For the author, the culinary art relies on a great deal of knowledge and boasts a certain artistic skill, which makes it pertaining to history and heritage. Through this art, we grasp the peculiarities of societies such as the dimensions of the taste and the collective belonging to the different civilizations.

         The author also studies in this book the differences between and similarities shared by people of Ifriqiya, Maghrebeans and Easterners. The author, Sihem Dabbebi used various references including biographies, medecine, history as well as geography books.

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