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Book Title: The Dreams in the Mediterranean

Topic: Scientific

Author: Multiple

Language: French

Dimension: 16×24

Number of pages: 149

Publication Date: 2022

Selling Price: 27 Dinars

Price Abroad: 27 Euros

ISBN: 978-9973-49-236-4


This Book is part of a scientific collection series that was published by The Tunisian Academy for the Sciences, Letters and Arts “Beit Al Hikma” in 2022 and co-edited by clinical psychotherapy Professor from the University of Tunis Riadh Ben Rejab and psychotherapy Professor Bianca Le Chevalier. Professor Le Chevalier is from France and is specialized in neuro-psychotherapy.

The book contains scientific contributions on dreams in general  with a special focus on the Mediterranean region. These contributions were delivered by an international research team during a conference that took place in March 2022 in the Tunisian city of Kelibia. Dreaming is a global phenomenon that presents common factors and that is amenable to scientific scrutiny. Yet, the academic researchers specialized in the field of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis highlight the specificity of certain manifestations of dreaming. They emphasize the therapeutic functions of dreams as subliminal and cathartic acts that regenerate the psychological makeup.  Some contributions also deal with the importance of dreaming in shaping the being through creativity and innovation.

Book Title: The Vagrant Pen: From Shore to Shore, From One Culture to Another.

Topic: Literary texts and miscellaneous articles

Author: Alia Baccar Bornaz

Language: French

Dimension: 16×24

Number of pages: 343

Publication Date: 2022

Selling Price: 36 Dinars

Price Abroad: 36 Euros

 ISBN: 978-9973-49-228-9

This book contains literary texts and miscellaneous articles through which the author locates the Tunisian cultural project both regionally and globally by highlighting the role of cultural icons in the creative, historical and artistic fields. Major themes include the Tunisian Women’s Rights Movement, democracy and the current challenges facing Tunisia. The author includes several eulogies of some important late figures from diverse cultural fields.

The book also contains several articles and interviews that convey the author’s view on some issues pertaining to public affairs, her academic journey, her career, her family history as well as some outstanding creative icons like her sister Kalthoum Bornaz, a screenwriter and film director, whom she considers a star in search of a lost light beam.

Book Title: “Beit Al Hikma” Conferences 2021-2022

Topic: Scientific and literary conferences

Language: (Arabic-French)

Dimension: 16×24

Number of pages: 517

Publication Date: 2022

Selling Price: 39 Dinars

Price Abroad: 39 Euros


This book is part of a collection series that is regularly published by The Tunisian Academy for the Sciences, Letters and Arts “Beit Al Hikma”.

These works contain the activities of the symposia, the study days, the meetings and the conferences organized by the scientific departments in the academy throughout the academic years

Book Title: The Pertinent Thought of Saint Augustine Challenging the 21st Century

Topic: Philosophical

Author: Multiple

Language: (French-English)

Dimension: 16×24

Number of pages: 200

Publication Date: 2022

Selling Price: 30 Dinars

Price Abroad: 30 Euros


The book contains the first session of the Saint Augustine Carthage Festival which was organized by The Tunisian Academy for the Sciences, Letters and Arts “Beit Al Hikma” in November 2019. This event is inscribed in the academic research on the common heritage of Augustinian philosophy as an intellectual project requiring modern approaches centering on current issues and future prospects. Hence, the forum’s interventions revolved around the conundrums of identity, personality, theology and issues pertaining to the spiritual experience. Special focus was put on Saint Augustine’s philosophy and the challenges of the 21st century. From these interventions, we get a sense of the universality of this philosophical school which, espousing philosophical logic, upheld its engagement in public affairs notwithstanding the political and religious particularities of its times

Book Title: Life and Thermodynamics: or

Reality and the Proteiform Masks of Energy

Topic: Scientific

Author: Rafik Boukhris

Language: (French)

Dimension: 16×24

Number of pages: 358

Publication Date: 2022

Selling Price: 52 Dinars

Price Abroad: 52 Euros


The book figures in the scientific publications of The Tunisian Academy for the Sciences, Letters and Arts “Beit Al Hikma” and deals with the intellectual and the scientific changes that were brought by the science of thermodynamics especially those related to physical, biological and universal phenomena in general. According to the author, thermodynamic laws are crucial to the understanding of the universal order because they imposed the re-examination of various postulates, rectified many conventional ideas and settled many problems related to physical and biological complexity. This provided the scientific conditions for the understanding of infinity, energy and universal order. From this vantage point, Doctor Rafik Boukhris affirms the never-ending dialectic between philosophy and the sciences. The philosophical vein arms scientists with relativity and allows them to engage all topics in the quest for truth. Hence, the author highlighted the importance of relativity, quantification and permanent calibration. Thanks to the scientific discoveries, a major philosophical question remerges in agreement with Leonardo da Vinci’s quote:  “The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” Doctor Boukhris used this quote as an opening hook to distinguish the ever-questioning problem-posing mind from the dogmatics who turn the back on existential and cosmological interrogations and condemn the lovers of troubling questions.

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