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The Development of Scientific Thought and Experimental Teaching Methods

Do our educational institutions fulfil their educational mission consistent with the new educational teaching methods? And what conditions would rigorous thought set for breaking free from dogmatism? How does one move away from conventional teaching methods? The Development of Scientific Thought and Experimental Teaching Methods deals with these issues as discussed in the proceedings of a national symposium organized by the natural science and mathematics department of the “Beit El Hikma” Tunisian Academy of Science, Literature and Art on 11-12 October 2018. The book includes scientific approaches by academic educationalists and international experts in experimental teaching methods and modern curricula.

In its recommendations, the book stresses the necessity to move away from conventional curricula to foster critical thought and dynamic teaching methods so as to guarantee scientific thought, reject passive ingurgitation and all forms of fanaticism.

The Beit El Hikma Lectures


The book includes the proceedings of intellectual approaches, literary studies and scientific research work presented by select specialist academics and researchers at study days, symposia and weekly meetings organised by the scientific departments of the Tunisian “Beit El Hikma” Academy of Science, Literature and Art in the years 2017-2018. The book contents centre on literary, cultural and linguistic issues, as well as reformist thought and recent scientific research related to development challenges and proficiency science.

From Mustapha Abdul Razak’s Published and Uncollected Works

Mustapha Abdul Razak is one of the founders of scientific methods in Arab philosophical research, favouring the use of new Western theories, such as the philological and historical approaches. He is also a staunch opponent of intellectual rigidity and one of the most important proponents of rationalism. These are the contents of From Mustapha Abdul Razak’s Published and Uncollected Works edited by Abdullah Zrelli.

The book includes a large variety of texts by Mustapha Abdul Razak (1885-1947), including interviews, letters and introductions to literary and philosophical works, as well as lectures given in scholarly symposia and literary conferences expressing his modernist turn of mind, rejecting the domination of the religious mindset. Indeed, in his opinion, we can only free ourselves from dogmatism by “combating the manifestations of scientific rigidity”.

Pleasure for the Ears in the Art of Sama’

The book brings out the creative value of Ahmad Ben Youssef Al Tifashi in the sixth and seventh centuries Hijri, as it includes numerous documents relating to poetry and the rules of dancing and singing in palaces, and shows the place of literary salons and celebratory rituals based on practical experience as opposed to funereal perception, and founding creative work on depth and aesthetic value. The book liberates the minds from “the illusions of detestable bigotry and crude ideological instrumentalization that had become associated with Islam and Muslims” as stated in the introduction by Dr Abdelmajid Charfi. For this reason, Pleasure for the ears in the art of Sama’ is an important reference that makes known an innovator who was not the object of sufficient attention by researchers in spite of the richness of his experience and the boldness of his views that defied social conventions and prevalent moral standards.

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